About Us

Niji Croup is a conglomerate that operates in four (4) different fields as follows:

  • Niji Lukas Nig. Ltd Agro-Allied Equipment (Fabrication)
  • Niji Farms & Allied Services Ltd Agriculture (Farming)
  • Niji Foods Nig. Ltd (Food Processing)
  • Ripples Hotel & Night Club (Hospitality)

Niji Group was conceived by Mr. Adeniji Kolawole, who has a passion for excellence and quality.

Niji Croup commenced business in 1 991 with the establishment of Niji Lukas Nig. Ltd, an engineering (fabrication) company. Over the years, the company has built a very impressive pedigree and has carved an enviable niche for itself in the fabrication of diverse agro-allied equipment and machinery, responsible for the manufacture of at least 90% of the machines used in its food processing company, Niji Foods. The success story of Niji Lukas Nig. Ltd has enabled its diversification into other businesses leading to what is today known as Niji Croup.

Niji Farms & Allied Services Ltd was established over three (3) years ago with the farm land located at Iganna Road, Hero, Kajola Local Government of Oyo State. We have a cultivated Cassava farmland covering an expanse of over 3000 Acres (and still expanding); we also have an enviable Maize and Yam Farm covering several acres of land with huge potential for expansion. We recently acquired over 15,000 acres of land to be used for various forms of farming with a view to establishing a Farm Estate towards achieving our goal of being the no.l company championing the course of agriculture and food processing in Africa. At present we uproot up to 1 Otonnes of cassava tubers on daily basis conveniently and also plant cassava all year round to keep up with our expansion.

Niji FoodsNig Ltd is our Food Processing outfit located at KM 1 Komu Road, Hero, Kajola Local Government Area, Oyo Stare. We can boast of the production of over ten (10) tonnes of Cari; Vitamin A Cari, OdourlessFufu, Odourless Vita Fufu, Yam Flour, Pounded Yam Flour and High Quality Cassava Flour on daily basis with capacity for more. We also export an average of two (2) 20feet container loads of Cari, OdourlessFufu and Yam Flour every month to UK, USA and Canada with potentials for more.


Company which commenced full business operations few years ago has grown to be a leading exporter of Cari, Fufu, Yam Flour and manufacturer of FIigh Quality Cassava Flour in Africa.


To ensure efficient and high quality production, we have a Dornow peeling and washing machine imported from Germany with two (2) tonnes/hr capacity; six (6) Gari Fryers with the capacity of 500kg respectively; two (2) Flash Dryers dedicated for the production of Odourless Fufu and Cassava Flour respectively. We also have two (2) packaging machines imported from UK with the capacity of over 1 00,000 sachets /day. For the distribution of our products within the local markets, we have branded trucks, Van and cars forour marketing purposes.


Some of the challenges we have include power, we run on 24hrs diesel powered generating sets which erodes our resources to a very large extent.


We also have limited resources in the achievement of a cassava starch line with a production of 20tonnes of starch on daily basis. We hope to get there in the recent future.


In summary, we are promoting integrated farming and practice end-to-end agriculture, that is, from Land Clearing, to land cultivation, to manufacturing of our processing machines, to processing of our farm produce and selling them to final consumers.


Niji Institute of Profitable Agriculture

We have in plan the establishment of Niji Institute of Profitable Agriculture with a view to promoting the practice of profitable agriculture amongst youths and adults alike. It is going to be an institution that will achieve a positive paradigm shift in the mind set of active Nigerians and people of foreign nationalities towards sustainable value addition on agricultural practices.