About Us

NIJI GROUP is a value-driven conglomerate, engaged in providing end-to-end solutions to Nigerian Agricultural sector.

The company began in 1991 as a local start-up with a commitment to resolve the rising challenges in Nigerian’s agriculture focused on machineries and agro processing equipment design and fabrication.

After 27years, NIJI-LUKAS, which is the starter company has metamorphosed into over five (5) excelling subsidiaries with landmark achievements covering:

  1. Food processing (NIJI FOODS),
  2. Farming (NIJI FARMS),
  3. Hospitality (Ripples Hotels & Suites),
  4. Farm mechanization & tractor assembling (NIJI TRACTORS) and
  5. Niji Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (NISA).

NIJI FOODS is currently reputed as one of the largest processor of cassava, daily off-taking over 100tons of cassava made available by NIJI FARMS. NIJI FARMS in readiness to make available over 100MT of cassava to the NIJI FOODS Processing Plants that has a brand new 50MT/day starch automated line and other sectional products taking over 50MT/day.

NIJI FOODS looks after three markets, the domestic, international and industrial markets with amazing products such as Gari, High Quality Fufu, High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF), High Quality Industrial Cassava Flour (HQICF), High Quality Cassava Starch and High Quality Cassava Peels Mash (HQCPM).

The expansion process is covering over 5000hectare of land. It’s located in Ilero.

NIJI TRACTORS has its SKD Tractor assembly plant at Ilero, where Nigerian vegetable performance friendly designed tractors are assembled and deliver across the nation.

NISA is Africa’s premier Agribusiness Institute with a commitment to empower Africans through effective engagement in Agribusiness. NISA Campus is located in a 5000hectare Sustainable City in Ilero, fully boarded with pilot’s farms, innovation laboratory and executive class rooms. Session is currently on (www.nisa.ng).

KOLAWOLE ADENIJI is the man behind this uncommon innovation. He is the Visionary, Founder and Chairman of NIJI GROUP.

He is a trained Food Technologist and a lead innovation implementer with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), HarvestPlus and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

KOLAWOLE ADENIJI has over 27years standing technical competence in Agribusiness Enterprise Development. He oversees the leadership and operational management of NIJI GROUP.  KOLAWOLE ADENIJI has chaired several international summits and committee on Entrepreneurship and Agriculture. He is founding president of Agricultural Machineries Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (AMEFAN).

KOLAWOLE ADENIJI has worked, partnered and implemented with and for several corporate, government and international development organization within Nigerian and across the African continent. NIJI GROUP has its presence in over 4 continents, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

KOLAWOLE ADENIJI with audacious goal of turning villages into cities and advocating for enterprise driven economy is currently pioneering Africa premier Agricity, taking advantage of the shared-opportunities to create business and good lifestyle in rural communities. The project has kick-started in a 10,000hectare facility in IPAPO, Oyo State with major real estate and food processing companies already signed stake.

KOLAWOLE ADENIJI is a big thinker and strongly believes that Africa can lead the 21st global economic conversation with its immense agricultural potentials and human resources.

NIJI GROUP is a trusted voice and fast track to valuable insights to inform real decisions in Agribusiness. You can access our 27years through: THE IMPACT BOOK at: www.nijigroup.com