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Niji Farms and Allied Services Ltd. was established over four (4) years ago with the farm land located at Iganna Road, Ilero, Kajola Local Government of Oyo State. We have a cultivated Cassava farmland covering an expanse of over 3000 Acres (and still expanding); we also have an enviable Maize and Yam Farm covering several acres of land with huge potential for expansion. We recently acquired over 15,000 acres of land to be used for various forms of farming with a view to establishing a Farm Estate towards achieving our goal of being the no. 1 company championing the course of agriculture and food processing in Africa. At present, we uproot up to 50tonnes of cassava tubers on daily basis conveniently and also plant cassava all year round to keep up with our expansion.

We had partnership with Harvest Plus in the multiplication of 125 acres of Vitamin A Cassava. Our varieties of cassava plantation include:

  • TME 419, TMS 980581, TMF 30572, TMS 1632,W/C 1532
  • 1368, 01/1372, 01/1412, 07/0593

So far, we have supplied over 5,000 bundle of TME 419 Cassava stem to National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike (NRCRI). We had collaboration with Raw Material Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Abuja in agro processing equipment, supply of HQCF to Honeywell and Flour mills of Nigeria among many others, exportation of Gari to UK market, establishment of several local markets for products from processing center. More so, we have leased about 5,000 acres of farmland for planting. We have also secured 200 acres of land for the establishment of infrastructure.

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Niji Farms Programs

These are expected to facilitate economic and social development in rural areas. It will also empower rural poor people, especially women, by increasing access to resources, infrastructure and services, and to promote the management of land, water and common property by local communities.
Specifically the programme works to:
  • Empower poor communities to manage their own development and support vulnerable groups
  • Improve agricultural practices, and intensify crop and livestock production
  • Develop or upgrade safe water supplies, environmental sanitation, irrigation, and health and education facilities
  • Generate and disseminate technology to increase incomes and family food security while also introducing approaches for effective soil and water conservation and environmental management Fostering demand-driven and participatory approaches to agricultural and rural support services



This programme is always launched in areas of Nigeria where poverty is widespread and whose mainstay is farming, starting with the southwest. The programme targets a large section of the rural population, especially those whose main activities relate to agriculture: women, landless people, nomadic pastoralists, and small-scale farmers or those with only marginal lands. It is designed to empower these groups to participate in development activities.


Km 1, Komu Road, Ilero, Kajola LGA, Oyo State.